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- Biology, Ecology and Conservation of Pollinators (Primarily Bees) - DAAMBA – Domestic Anthropic Activity Markers of Bronze Age settlements: A multiproxy methodological approach to understand household related activities - Decomposition Studies - Descriptive and ecological assessment of the spread of invasive alien tree species - Conservation Botany - Ecosystem Services - Effects of renewable energy production on the environment and nature - Effectiveness of Game Feeding - Examination of the relationship between the settlements of the Budapest agglomeration as a regional center along various indicator - Examination of Wild Boar Effects in Grassland Area - Heteropteras in Hungary - Investigation of the Spread and Impact of Invasive Predator Species - The Impact of Domestic Cats on the Domestic Population of European Wildcats - National Scolopax rusticola Monitoring Program - National Laboratory for Health Security - Hungarian Game Management Database - Impact of earthworms on soil and ecosystem services in protected natural and cultivated areas - Investigation of the effects of feeding places for hunting purposes on natural habitats - Nematological Diagnostics - Our Arrival to Central Europe (Visegrad Fund project) - Plant Population Biology - Role of Large Predator Species - Study of Invasive Plant-Eating Species - Taxonomy of Firebugs - The Wildlife Management and Conservation Role of the Golden Jackal - Toxic Effects of Microplastics - Soil Ecology - Soil Zoology - Soil Ecotoxicology - Wildlife Impact Studies, Investigation of Game Damage - Behavioral Ecology, Bird Monitoring - Participation in the FLOTT - River, landscape and settlement in the Middle Ages project - Survey of protected plant species in abandoned vineyards - YMPACT - The Yamnaya Impact on Preshistoric Europe - Conservation assessment of forest steppe vegetation at different spatial and temporal scales

About Institutional Scientific Experiences

Last modified: 02. February 2024

Welcome to the scientific activities of our researchers!

At the Institute of Wildlife and Conservation we have by renowned experts who have achieved outstanding results in various scientific fields.

Below you will find details of our staff and the related results of the research carried out by our staff.
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