Last modified: 24. November 2022

Dear Visitors,

Education in the main courses of the Institute for Wildlife Management and Nature Conservation, the Bachelor and Master courses in Wildlife Management Engineering and the Bachelor and Master courses in Conservation Engineering are offered at the University's training centres in Gödöllő, Kaposvár and Keszthely. The institute offers specialised courses in zoology and basic wildlife management and conservation at all MATE training sites.

The Institute aims to provide a coherent, ecological approach to the conservation and management of natural resources, to train conservation and wildlife management professionals with an understanding of natural processes, to introduce the disciplines to other agricultural bachelor and master students and to establish an interdisciplinary centre for basic and applied research in the field.

The Institute's mission is to coordinate and provide services for MATE's teaching and research activities in wildlife management and conservation, as well as zoological and ecological education and research. The Institute shall be a department carrying out the interdisciplinary training, teaching and scientific research tasks in the fields of wildlife management, conservation, zoology, ecology, wildlife biology, ethology and behavioural ecology as set out in the training programmes. The Institute is responsible for teaching the core subject matter and differentiated professional knowledge of the disciplines it administers and for developing its curricula.

With its 45 staff, the Institute for Wildlife Management and Nature Conservation is the largest teaching/research centre for higher education in wildlife management and nature conservation in the country.

Our organisational units are:
- Szent István Campus:

  • Institute headquarters, Institute Secretariat
  • Department of Zoology and Ecology
  • Department of Nature Conservation and Landscape Management
  • Department of Wildlife Biology and Management
  • National Game Management Database 

- Georgikon Campus:

  • Department of Conservation Biology

- Kaposvár Campus:

  • Department of Nature Conservation 

The staff of the Institute has a significant network of international contacts in their fields of expertise, which greatly facilitates the choice of scholarships and potential internship sites abroad for our students. Our students can also get involved in our research programmes and in the activities of our research students' groups (TDK). All three winners of the last 35th OTDK in the section on Wildlife Management and Conservation Zoology of the Agricultural Sciences were students from our institute.

Prof. Dr. Miklós Heltai
Professor, Institute Director